Welcome to Subawards.com

For subrecipients working with institutions that use Cayuse 424 to submit federal grant proposals

Here you’ll find everything you need to…

  • Create, prepare, calculate, and escalate subaward budgets that your collaborator can import into their master budget
  • Enter info once, which is securely stored and used for future auto-filling within the subaward forms
  • Create and download a PDF of your subaward for internal proofing, routing, and approval

Filling out subaward proposal data in the SF424 R&R Budget, Key Persons, and Performance Sites forms has never been simpler. Cayuse’s template has auto-fillable form fields, budget calculations, sponsor and Grants.gov validations, the ability to clone subawards, and more.

Options for Creating a Subaward Budget


Here’s how to prepare your subaward budget with our online template:

  1. Create a username and password on Subawards.com
  2. Log into Subawards.com
  3. Create a subaward
  4. Enter data and use validations to easily ensure accuracy
  5. Export as “.cayuse” file and send to your collaborator

Your collaborator will then receive subaward budget data as well as related Key Persons and Performance Sites forms, which they can import into prime proposals.

Grants.gov Forms Repository

Grants.gov has federal forms used by funding agencies.

  1. Find the relevant subaward budget form on Grants.gov’s online forms repository
  2. Download it
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Email the form to your collaborator

Your collaborator can then import subaward budget data from the PDF into Cayuse 424.

ASSIST or Workspace

  1. Find the opportunity on ASSIST or Workspace
  2. Download it
  3. Extract the subaward budget form as PDF
  4. Fill out the form
  5. Email the form to your collaborator

Your collaborator can then import subaward budget data from the PDF into Cayuse 424.

Need Help?


To learn more about getting started with Subawards.com, see the Subawards.com user guide.

If you need technical support, contact our support team.

Budget Details

For questions on budgets, approvals, or other grant-specific topics pertaining to a specific proposal, please contact the prime proposal developer.

Other Issues

For specific questions unique to your institution, please consult with your own Sponsored Projects office.

About Cayuse

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